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Healthy “Candy Apples”!

These are one our new favorite snacks! They’re great for my sweet tooth and don’t leave me feeling guilty after I eat them!


Apple slices drizzled with peanut butter, chocolate, and topped with coconut…


I warmed the peanut butter and chocolate and drizzled them through a sandwich bag that I cut in the corner. Then topped with coconut and threw it into the freezer for a few minutes to allow the peanut butter and chocolate to harden again!




Stay Healthy,



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Personalized Fitness Plan

img_0083The Personalized Fitness Plan is done!!!!

I will be giving away a small number of copies as an appreciation gift to my followers. All that I ask in return is that you would provide me with honest feedback and personal results…. Both good and bad (if any)!
This is different than a standard fitness plan that is mapped out for you…. I want to instill the given knowledge into as many lives as possible in order to promote active and healthy lifestyles for all. I have worked very hard on this project and cannot wait to see it in effect!


My next project will complement this fitness plan and will guide you through the nutritional components of a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned!
If you would like a chance to have the Personalized Fitness Plan for free, comment with your email address below and you’ll be entered into the drawing!!! Feel free to nominate a workout buddy to give them a chance to win, as well!

Stay Healthy,