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Berry Water Kefir = PROBIOTIC SUCCESS!

So, you have probably heard of Probiotics by now, and may know how good they are for so many things…. but have you heard of Water Kefir?!

 If not, you’re missing out on a great way to get your probiotics NATURALLY and basically for FREE (except for what you flavor the water with)!  

I always become skeptical when taking a pill-form of anything, so when I found out about this alternative for probiotics, I had to try it!  
First, you should know the benefits of probiotics, if you don’t already!  Some of the benefits (read more at ) include:

Reduces colds & flu’s

Fights off food borne illnesses

Prevents & treats kidney stones

Reduces the overuse of antibiotics

Improves overall digestive function

Prevents eczema (with children)

Prevents & removes acne

Boosts body’s immune system

Helps with weight loss

Heals inflammation in bowels

Prevents & treats urinary tract infections

Lowers cholesterol

Promotes oral health


Depression & Anxiety

I have also heard that it helps with Asthma, so I will have to follow up with that at a later date to see how it affects Adam since he suffers from Asthma regularly!

To start my first batch, I was given 1/4 cup of cultures from my cousin, whom was the one that told me about this amazing water! 

I wanted to try the “lemonade” one that she made, but we used all of the lemons. Therefore, I improvised and followed this recipe for the Berry Water Kefir:

It turned out great! The kids love it and after drinking it for a few days, I already feel the positive results.  What’s even better is that it’s much less expensive that the pill-form of a probiotic I had been taking before.  

The cultures quickly multiply, so I now make double batches and even had enough to give away!
I have to admit, it is a “new process” that took me some time to learn fully, but I am so glad I invested that time for mine and my family’s health.  I would recommend this to anyone that can take a Probiotic! 


Stay Healthy,


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A healthy sweet tooth satisfier…

One of the biggest challenges I face with eating healthy is my INTENSE cravings for sweets. I would go crazy if I didn’t satisfy them! So, rather than ignoring it and making myself miserable, I choose options like these DELICIOUS treats instead of ones that are bad for you and full of garbage.  

Frozen bananas are my go-to treat and I love pairing them with a variety of healthy toppings (or center like in this one) and options like blending them into NICEcream (see precious post for my favorite recipe!).  
For this snack, I always make sure to prepare a large batch so I can grab one or two to kill that craving and not feel bad about it. 

I cut three bananas length wise and put peanut butter on 1/2 of them before putting them back together to make “sandwiches”. I froze them for a while (a few hours), then cut them into 1/4-inch wide sections.   

To store them, I layer the piece in a freezer container and lay wax paper between each layer to prevent them from sticking to one another.   

To cut down on fat content, you can also use PB Fit Powder mixed with water in place of the peanut butter. ALWAYS use a natural peanut butter to get the most nutrition out of your snack.  

Now, when I need a good choice to satisfy that craving, I have them available and will say no to the other stuff! 
Stay Healthy,


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Have you tried Breakfast Smoothies?!

Did your breakfast…
Fuel your body? βœ…
Taste great? βœ…
Prove to be convenient and easy to take with you? βœ…

Kale, strawberries, almond milk, honey, chia seeds, and a banana blended to PERFECTION πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ 
I paired mine with an apple on the side to start my day off on the “right foot”!
I love trying different combinations with my smoothies. At times, I’ll add yogurt or protein powder for a more fulfilling drink.  The main thing to remember is to ALWAYS add spinach or kale (you cannot taste it, but it adds so much nutritional value!)
I also prefer to always add a banana because of the texture it makes.  
Another favorite of mine is combining frozen organic strawberries, kale, chocolate almond milk, chia seeds, a banana, and peanut butter. YUMMM!!! 

There are so many delicious combinations out there! Men’s Health did a great job at providing dynamic and delicious recipes:
Stay Healthy,


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Personalized Fitness Plan

img_0083The Personalized Fitness Plan is done!!!!

I will be giving away a small number of copies as an appreciation gift to my followers. All that I ask in return is that you would provide me with honest feedback and personal results…. Both good and bad (if any)!
This is different than a standard fitness plan that is mapped out for you…. I want to instill the given knowledge into as many lives as possible in order to promote active and healthy lifestyles for all. I have worked very hard on this project and cannot wait to see it in effect!


My next project will complement this fitness plan and will guide you through the nutritional components of a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned!
If you would like a chance to have the Personalized Fitness Plan for free, comment with your email address below and you’ll be entered into the drawing!!! Feel free to nominate a workout buddy to give them a chance to win, as well!

Stay Healthy,

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“Mom, what’s on your face?!”

After this loooong week, an at-home facial scrub made up of organic sugar, honey, and cinnamon is just what I needed! Following this with my nightly banana peel face mask, of course! πŸŒπŸ’πŸ» #diyfacemask #allorganiceverything #feedyourface #beautifying #dontknockituntilyoutryit

Every time I use this mask, my 5-year-old tries to lick my face!  Beware!  Haha! πŸ™‚

Follow this link to a YouTube video that explains the mask step-by-step and why it works!  I add the sugar before putting it on to help exfoliate my skin!  If I put the mask on more than once a week, I omit the sugar.


PLEASE let me know your thoughts if you try it!


Stay healthy,